Special Issue « The Functions of the Microbiome in Skin Health and Disease »

31 mai 2017 / Actualités

Special issue information in « Microorganisms » journal (MDPI)

Dear Colleagues,

The skin plays an important role in protecting the body from invasion of foreign materials and harmful pathogens. One of the mechanisms by which the skin can perform this role is through the activities and interactions of the resident bacterial, fungal, and viral species. Commensal microbes are essential to skin health but, on occasion, the same microorganism conferring a health benefit can also lead to a diseased state when their abundances and activities change or when the environmental conditions become less favorable as a result of alterations in the host. In this Special Issue, we highlight the roles of beneficial skin organisms in protecting against colonization and infection of pathogens, guiding the host immune system, and discuss their functional changes and interactions with the host in response to environmental changes.

Dr. Emma Barnard
Prof. Dr. Marc Feuilloley
Guest Editors