Corinne BARBEY

Maitre de Conférences


Exemples de publications récentes choisies

Decoin V., Barbey C., Bergeau D., Latour X., Feuilloley M., Orange N., Merieau A. 2014. A type VI secretion system is involved in Pseudomonas fluorescens bacterial competition. PLoS ONE 9(2):e89411

Latour X., Barbey C., Chane A., Groboillot A., Burini J-F. 2013. Rhodococcus erythropolis and its γ-lactone catabolic pathway: An unusual biocontrol system that disrupts pathogen quorum sensing communication. Agronomy, 3(4), 816-838

(Spécial issue ‘Biocontrol and Plant Growth and Quality Promoting Capacity of Microorganisms-New Perspectives for Agriculture’).

Barbey C., Crépin A., Bergeau D., Ouchiha A., Mijouin L., Taupin L., Orange N., Feuilloley M., Dufour A., Burini J-F., Latour X. 2013. In planta biocontrol of Pectobacterium atrosepticum by Rhodococcus erythropolis relies on the pathogen communication silencing by the rhodococcal gamma-lactone catabolic pathway. PLoS ONE. 8(6):e66642

Barbey C., Crépin A., Cirou A., Budin-Verneuil A., Orange N., Feuilloley M., Faure D., Dessaux Y., Burini J-F., Latour X. 2012. Catabolic pathway of gamma-caprolactone in the biocontrol agent Rhodococcus erythropolis. J. Proteome Res. 11(1): 206-16


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