Professor of Integrative Biology

Exemples de publications récentes choisies

Norris V, Krylov SN, Agarwal PK, White GJ: Synthetic, switchable enzymes. J Mol Microbiol Biotech 2017,

Gangwe Nana G, Ripoll C, Cabin-Flaman A, Gibouin D, Delaune A, Janniere L, Grancher G, Chagny G, LoutelierBourhis C, Lentzen E, Grysan P, Audinot J-N, Norris V: Division-based, growth rate diversity in bacteria. Frontiers in Microbiology 2018, 9:849.

Nouri H, Monnier A-F, Fossum-Raunehaug S, Maciag-Dorszynska M, Cabin-Flaman A, Kepes F, Wegrzyn G,
Szalewska-Palasz A, Norris V, Skarstad K, Janniere L: Multiple links connect central carbon metabolism to DNA
replication initiation and elongation in Bacillus subtilis. DNA Research 2018, 25: 641-653.

Demongeot J, Norris V: Emergence of a « Cyclosome » in a Primitive Network Capable of Building « Infinite »
Proteins. Life 2019, 9.

Norris V: Successive Paradigm Shifts in the Bacterial Cell Cycle and Related Subjects. Life 2019, 9.

Norris V: Does the Semiconservative Nature of DNA Replication Facilitate Coherent Phenotypic Diversity? J
Bacteriol 2019, 201.


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